Our Pricing

Kite’s Dog Walking offers local dog walking in North Surrey. It offers FREE collection and delivery if you live in Molesey, Walton, Esher, Hersham, Thames Ditton or Cobham.

If you require an additional service for your dog – please give us a call or send us an email as something can usually be arranged!

All walks are a minimum of 1 hour (usually longer!) in local woods and parks (this is excluding travelling time so your dog gets the full benefit of the hour walk!) Both morning and afternoon slots available!

Group walk for one dog – £15

Double walk for one dog (both walks must be on the same day) – £25

Group walk for two dogs (same household) – £26

Double walk for 2 dogs (same household) (both walks must be on the same day) – £45

Collection and delivery free of charge within North Surrey (Molesey, Thames Ditton, Walton, Hersham, Cobham and Esher).

How it works

Walks: We offer 3 X 1 hour group walks a day. A morning walk, a lunchtime walk and an afternoon walk.

Morning walk: The morning walk pickups start at 7:45 through to 8:30 (traffic depending). Once we have picked everyone up, we head over to the park. We usually arrive at the park at 8:30/8:45. We then unload everyone and off we go! The walk is an hour, and once the walk is over we load everyone back into the van and take them home. With the pickup journey and drop home, the dogs are usually out of the house for around 2 to 2 and a half hours – so a great break in their day if they are on their own!

Lunchtime walk: The lunchtime pickups start around 10:45 through to 11:30, and the walk itself is also a minimum of an hour.

Afternoon walk: The afternoon pickups start around 1:15 to 2:00 and the walk is an hour-long.

Double walks: we offer a discount if you book onto 2 of the 3 walks. So if you’re out for the whole day, you can book your dog in for the hour morning walk, then we’ll drop them home for some quality nap time, before picking them up again for the hour afternoon walk. We always aim to pick up any dogs booked on for both walks, after no more than 3.5 hours from dropping them home for the morning walk. This means they aren’t on their own for too long!

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